If you are interested in being a Research Assistant with the Groups and War Lab, please use the link below to fill out an RA Application.  We prefer students who have completed Psy 302 and 303, although in some cases students who did well in 302 have joined the lab during the same term they were enrolled in 303.  We ask for a two-term commitment to provide continuity and to make the training investment worthwhile.  To fill out RA application please click here.

Our Cross-Cultural Survey examines how behavior in a crisis is viewed by people in different countries. Primary data collection is complete, but you are still welcome to complete the survey if you are interested. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, and is available in English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Click here to take the survey.


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Groups and War Lab Alumni update
In the Groups and War lab many people have come and gone, but their research and contributions are well remembered at the University of Oregon. From time to time we like to follow up with our friends who have dedicated time and research in the lab and see how and what they are doing. Read more…

Groups and War Lab alumnus Andrea Wolfe and Holly Arrow have a new publication out in the APA journal Military Psychology. It reports on attempts by U.S. soldiers deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of local civilians. Results indicate that “soft” elements such as empathy, respect, and prior relationships predict greater success, as do influence techniques involving resources and positive feelings. Negative tactics had more negative results.

Captain Wolfe is now working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

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